Appliance Repair Invoice Software V9



A database program written in Microsoft Access.

I wrote this software initially for a friend of mine that has an Appliance Repair business in Los Angeles, Calif.
He was writing his invoices by hand, and so….., I converted them to computer.
The program has worked for him for several years now, and I thought I would start sharing it with other appliance repair shops.
I sell my software for just a few bucks because I think most software companies are just ripping consumers off.

From the Main Invoice Screen you can enter the customer information and individual pieces of the customers appliances such
as an washers, dryers, refrigerators, or what have you that you are working on. The program will remember these pieces of equipment
for that customer so when you work on them again, that equipment will already be in the database.

The invoice lets you put in Parts and Materials, Labor fees.

You can locate a particular invoice by clicking on the bottom of the screen, searches.
You can search for invoices by: Invoice #, Customer Name, and Date.