Littlerock, California
The garge area that I am converting has an interior measurement of approx 17'x11'
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I want a mast for my Cushcraft R7000 Vertical antenna, and I found out that
metal pushup antenna masts are very expensive now adays.
when I was younger, you could get a 20' push-up mast at radio shack for
about $30.00 .  Well, Radio Shack no longer carries the larger push-up masts., so I decided
to build my own.
The completed mast cost me $43.00 in parts at Lowes.
I bought 1 stick of 1 1/2" EMT and 2 sticks of 1 1/4" EMT.  Each stick is 10' in length.
I cut down one of the 1 1/4" pieces to about 7' in length. I then pounded it in the ground about
3 1/2'.  I used this as a base mount for my Completed mast.
The completed mast itself was the 1 1/2" inch on the bottom with the 1 1/4" piece inside it, and
it slides up and down when I want it to, hence, a push-up mast.
I fasted the two together with 1/4" stainless steel bolts where they meet, 1/2 way up the final mast,
and I left about 2' of the 1 1/4" mast inside the 1 1/2" mast for extra strength at the joint where they meet.
Anyway, no guy wires installed, and the final mast is 18' in length.

It carries the Cushcraft vertical very nicely.

I also got my first rig installed today, a Kenwood 820s.., and my first contact was on 20 meters SSB to

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